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Can you create an attention-grabbing 30 second piece of music? Are you aged between 12 – 21 years?

If you are interested in writing music then enter the Fanfare Competition and fill the Sydney Opera House with your music. You will work with the Australian Youth Orchestra, a leading conductor and renowned Australian composer, Nicholas Vines!

The competition is open to Australians aged 12 to 21 years to write a short 30 second attention-grabbing piece of music. Selected by a judging panel, 8 young artists will work with Nicholas Vines renowned Australian composer, the Australian Youth Orchestra and a leading conductor to refine their compositions. The works are pre-recorded and then played as the ‘cue bell’ for audiences to take their seats at the Sydney Opera House. Each month a different Fanfare will be played.  Let your imagination run wild!

Age limit: 12 – 21 years of age
Deadline for submissions: Friday 1 May 2015
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Plus a special Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) Mentoring Scholarship

ATYP’s contribution to the Fanfare Competition sees one lucky young composer receive 6 months’ worth of mentoring in sound design and the opportunity to write the score for ATYP’s 2015 production, The Trolley’s. Working alongside one of the industry’s leading experts in the field, their music would be professionally recorded and used for each performance of the season, with the winner also receiving a $1,000 cash prize and will be selected by the judging committee.

Listen to the 2014 winning Fanfares HERE

Fanfare program Pilot program launched​
​”Attending a concert or wandering around a gallery is no longer enough to engage young people with the arts. ​ We need to act on young people’s demands for active – not passive – engagement​”​, says ​Louise Herron, Chief Executive of Sydney Opera House​. Read her piece for the Royal House House HERE


2014 Fanfare winners and Nicholas Vines. Photo by Bridget Elliot.

The Fanfare competition will see the traditional Sydney Opera House cue bells replaced by 30 second fanfares composed by some of Australia’s most talented young musicians aged 12 to 21. The concept was created by London’s Royal Opera House in 2009 and has been brought to Australia by Artology in association with the Sydney Opera House and the Australian Youth Orchestra.

The fanfares will be previewed at the Sydney Opera House from October 2014.

Image Gallery:

Fanfare Workshop 1, 2014, Image Gallery

Fanfare Workshop 2, 2014, Image Gallery

Fanfare Listening Party, Sept 2014


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