Dear Fanfare entrants,

Would you like to perform during Extended Play, a major new music festival in Sydney? You’ll also have the opportunity to meet leading Australian and International artists!

Lyle Chan, Artology’s mentor composer, is co-producer/artistic director of a new music event called Extended Play in Sydney on Saturday 31 August.

It is 12-hours of continuous, simultaneous new music, across various spaces at City Recital Hall, Angel Place. Leading soloists and ensembles across Australia are taking part. View the program online.

As part of the event, there will be a 7-hour performance of In C by Terry Riley – which will set a world record for the longest performance ever of this minimalist masterpiece.

In C is made up of 53 melodic patterns to be repeated by any number of players on any instruments, unsynchronised. The fun in playing, comes from hearing how the simple pattern you’re playing interact with the simple pattern played by someone else, with surprising results.

Artology is organising a group of players for In Cand inviting anyone who has ever entered Fanfare to take part. You’re invited to join in and make history by setting this world record!

If you commit to playing for half-an-hour, you will receive a free ticket to the entire event, which means you can come and go as you like for the entire 12-hours and see all 20 performances.

The Fanfare group will start the day by playing from 12pm. Members of the public will join you. You’re welcome to come back and play more at any time.

This is your opportunity to participate in the most important new music event in the calendar year! Leading Australian new music artists plus legendary international guests will be performing, seeing other shows and generally hanging out. What a great opportunity to meet so many new music performers and composers under one roof.

Where will this happen?

The ground floor foyer of City Recital Hall will be setup with two digital pianos, as well as a small array of percussion. You can use them, or you can bring your own (non-keyboard) instrument. You can also participate via Skype (email us to find out more).

What instruments can I play In C on?

We welcome any and all instruments! Clarinet, violin, kazoo, harmonica, electric guitar, erhu, viola da gamba, harp or even sing – anything at all!

How can I find out further information, like where to get sheet music?

Visit the official website here: In C by Terry Riley. Reply to this email with any questions you may have.

To participate reply email us and we will arrange your free ticket. Send us your name, contact phone number, time you can perform and list your instrument/s.

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