Imagine a World

A message from Artology founder Anna Cerneaz

The world is on an unsteady platform right now.

The seriousness of this virus and its repercussions are huge. But in this unsteadiness, there are opportunities. Opportunities for love, togetherness, freedom and creativity.

Imagine a world of these new opportunities. That world is here now. We just have to make it happen.

We created the name Artology to mean thinking like both artists and scientists. Science conveys “truth for now”, which gets replaced by a new “truth” as new theories are accepted – this is the way science advances.

Like science, art is an adventure, never experienced exactly the same way twice. What artists and scientists have in common is the ability to thrive in a state of flux, of interpretation and reinterpretation.

Music has always been with us in every culture. Creating music is creating understanding – of human nature: why we love, our motives, fears, desires…

The world is on an unsteady platform right now. But if you jump off – you may just fly.

At Artology, we want everyone to fly and to feel what it’s like to be here – right here and now.

So compose, listen and love.

Every problem has a solution

A message from Artology mentor composer Lyle Chan

As Anna eloquently put it, the world is living in a moment-by-moment state of awareness. Here at Artology, we recognise that Australia is in a far more optimistic position than many other countries, with our relatively high rate of testing and low number of Covid-19 cases. The price of this good fortune, of course, is vigilance – our low number is due to Australians like you being very good at understanding and following physical distancing rules. We know it’s not easy and doesn’t come naturally, but our lucky state will only continue if we keep following these rules.

With that in mind – the Fanfare competition will proceed!

For those of you planning to enter this year’s competition, we hope the ideas are flowing and we are eager to see and hear your application. Our workshops, for both winners and non-winners, will occur in July, just as in past years – the difference being that this year, the workshops will be conducted entirely via internet. We already have experience holding internet workshops, as our non-winners sessions in the past have always had young composers joining via video call to get their feedback, because you literally live all around the country.

As for the orchestral recording in Sydney – the recording normally happens in September or October, and physical distancing restrictions will probably still be in place then. So our fantastic colleagues at Australian Youth Orchestra are planning an innovative new activity for that period. We look forward to telling you about it!

Art is a great soother. It is also a great repository for anything you’re feeling. Whatever is on your mind, write a fanfare about it and send it in.

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