Congratulations to everyone who entered the Fanfare Competition. The judges were super impressed by the standard of compositions submitted and had a challenging time consolidating on the final eight for this year’s Fanfare Competition.

If you are not one of the eight selected for the Fanfare Competition you are not out of the running yet! Your work could be selected for Open Fanfare in Queensland!

Due to our current situation we are delaying the announcement for the selected 12 works for the Open Fanfare program in Queensland with the Queensland Youth Orchestras and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The program is scheduled for 28, 29 and 30 September. We hope to announce the selected 12 works at the end of July. Stay tuned to find out more!

In no particular order the following eight composers are selected to participate in the Fanfare Competition and will have their work recorded by the Australian Youth Orchestra:

Katie Bombardieri (NSW) Age 19: Achelois
Francesca Brzoskowski (Qld) Age 19: Fanfare of the elder one
Oliver Dostal (NSW) Age 19: The Golden Gallery
Thomas Fernando (Vic) Age 17: Fanfare for the frontier
Connor Fogarty (SA) Age 21: Razzmatazz!
Gallya Hazali (NSW) Age 20: Arise
Adriel Sukumar (NSW) Age 16: Fanfare Triumphant
Charlie Wells (SA) Age 15: Mars Awakens

The judges for 2020 were Nicholas Vines, Lyle Chan, Colin Cornish and Eliza McCracken (Australian Youth Orchestra), Katie Woods (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) and Geoff Rosbrook and Toukie Wood (Queensland Youth Orchestras). They wish to congratulate a number of composers who also ranked very highly.

Highly commended works by:

Hayden Taylor, Ben (Wenhao) Fan, Ayda Akbal, Hannah Hunt, Danny McNeall, Finn Brunning, Matthew Cornwell, Lucy Bremner, Courtney Cousins, Katia Geha, William Dooley, Andrew Udal, George Teasdell, Jasper Tops, Oran Harking, Susannah Wong, Clancy Reynolds, Eamon Roche, Lachie Meier, Raphael Luxton, William Sargaent, Kanak Relekar, Ray Lin, Tara Lynam and Tiffany Yeo.

Artology will hold a webinar following the Open Fanfare announcement at the end of July. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your music with our mentor composers.

Keep creative and we will have more information soon.

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