In the concert hall & winners announced!

In Concert : Fanfare and To Country

Join us for the first of Artology’s music programs In Concert with the fine musicians at the Queensland Youth Orchestras conducted by David Deacon and Paul Dean on Saturday 27 August, 3.30pm at The Old Museum Concert Hall, Bowen Hills, Qld. Guests are welcome to attend this special free event, email us to be in the audience or join via livestream.

This special concert event, in partnership with the Queensland Youth Orchestras, is the first opportunity to recognise the incredible 2022 compositions. You will hear new music by:

QYO3 conductor David Deacon

Brian Walsh (Age 14, Qld) Calling
Isaiah Galloway (Age 16, NSW) Fanfare

To Country
Jonathan Platz (Age 14, Qld) Coming of the Rains
Neeharika Shyju (Age 15, Vic) Respect the Land
Tanya Jones (Age 22, Qld) To Speak of Life

John Rotar – Cloud Temple *

QYO2 conductor Paul Dean

Athena Zhang (Age 14, Vic/USA) Awakening
Mitchell Mayman (Age 12, Qld) Fanfare for a promise of spaceflight
Nathan Shan (Age 17, Qld) Skyward Suite: Voyager Fanfare
Nicholas Hargreaves (Age 18, Qld) Fanfare of the Bells

To Country
Benjamin Raymond (Age 18, Tas) The Leaves of Our Ancestors
Hayden Taylor (Age 18, Vic) Labyrinthine Waterways
Timothy Jayatilaka (Age 18, NSW) A Lasting Welcome

*Composition by John Rotar is in addition to the program. John participated in the 2014 Fanfare Competition.

Natalie Wihandono and Owen Bloomfield

Sound program winners announced!

We are pleased to announce the participants for our sound initiatives. Each year two composers are selected to create the sound design for an Australian Theatre for Young People production or a soundscape for the tabletop gaming app Syrinscape.

The Syrinscape sound design mentorship goes to the Owen Bloomfield from Orange (NSW). Owen is off to study percussion at the Manhattan School of Music in New York this month. While he is away he will also be working with Syrinscape, to develop an alluring soundscape for a tabletop gaming app. If you’re into D&D, you and 1000s of others will be able to download from the app later in the year!

The Australian Theatre for Youth People sound design mentorship goes to the Natalie Wihandono. Natalie is a fourth-year music student at UNSW completing a Bachelor of Music and a composition major in the Music Creative Practice stream. She will create the sound design for The Shack with mentor Chrysoulla Markoulli. The production runs 21 – 27 November at the new Rebel Theatre in Sydney.

Mentor Christopher Sainsbury and student group

Workshops and events

Earlier this month we held the first mentoring workshop at the Australian Institute of Music. It was great getting to know all the young composers. Our next session will be Saturday 20 August. There will be opportunities to hear the compositions this year.

Queensland Youth Orchestras
Saturday 27 August 2022, 3.45pm-4.30pm, Old Museum, Bowen Hills, Qld.

Australian Youth Orchestra
Saturday 10 September 2022, 9am-5pm, Trackdown Studios, Sydney, NSW.

Adelaide Youth Orchestras
Saturday 24 September 2022, 2pm at Elder Hall, Adelaide, SA.

Sydney Youth Orchestras
Sunday 6 November 2022, 2-5.30pm, Registrar-General’s Building, Sydney, NSW.

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