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Listen to Annabel’s composition performed by the QYO Chamber Orchestra.

Annabel Wouters [Age 13, NSW]

Composition: Fanfare

Hello, my name is Annabel Wouters and I am 13 years old. I am from Wollongong, New South Wales. My composition is called Fanfare. My inspiration for the composition came from my 8-year-old brother who recently started the French Horn. I wanted to write something that one day he would be able to play so I created it in a style that I think my brother would enjoy. I always pictured Fanfares to be big, victorious works that catch the listeners attention. Because of this, I thought that using brass instruments was the best way to ‘announce the arrival of the piece.’

I grew up in a musical family. My mother is a flute teacher and was performing concerts while she was expecting me. My father is a musical instrument repairer, so I have always listened to and enjoyed classical music. I started learning piano in kindergarten and then flute halfway through year one. I have always loved performing and competing in Eisteddfods.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to be selected to perform at the Sydney Town Hall as a flute soloist in the Arts Unit Choral Festival. The same year I also got to perform at the Sydney Opera House in the State Junior Wind Band.

I am currently preparing for my Certificate of Performance on flute and 8th grade piano. I have always loved composing, writing my first composition at age 7. Since then, I have found it fun to sit at the piano and write music. One of the highlights every year for me is attending State Music Camp, because it is so inspiring to play with advanced musicians.

Composition Inspiration

My composition is called Fanfare and I was inspired to write it because of my 8-year-old brother. Recently he started to learn the French Horn, and after listening to him learn the basics and listen to various pieces for his instrument, I started to realise what a great instrument it would be to include in my Fanfare. As a flute player, I have had a few fortunate experiences to play in an orchestra and it helped me realise how amazing it feels to play in one. Because of these experiences, I was able to realise how powerful a well-written composition could sound, and I wanted my Fanfare to have the same power. I have always seen a Fanfare as something that is big, powerful, and exciting. I always imagined them as pieces to be played when announcing something, so I thought of this idea as I was writing. I wrote this piece hoping that my brother might be able to play it at some point in the future, so I wrote in a style that I think he would enjoy.