In July 2013, Artology re-imaged one of the 20th century’s greatest and most influential masterpieces – Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, or ‘The Ladies of Avignon’, a painting considered the birth of the style known as Cubism. The young artists were asked to conceive and execute the new performance work as if they were professionals, under the guidance of experienced artists from a range of genres including professional composers, instrumentalists, a poet, visual artists, a choreographer and stage director and others.

Picasso himself said, “One can create a word-painting the same as one can paint the sensations within a poem.” The young artists in Artology Remix will similarly transgress boundaries and open new perspectives, translating the work’s radical ideas into visual art, music, literary works, film and choreography.

The process was challenging for the young artists that lasted over 3 weeks in April and July. They experimented with new techniques, to appreciate art history, and searcedh for their own responses to Picasso’s work and collectively find an understanding for the creation of this multi-genre work.

“When I was a child, my mother said to me:
If you become a soldier you’ll be a general.
If you become a monk you’ll end up as the Pope.
Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”

There are several ways in which we can be inspired by Picasso and his painting to create our own work.

We can borrow Picasso’s interest in entirely different points of view. Les Demoiselles led to the birth of Cubism, a style of painting where objects are broken apart and reassembled in abstracted ways. The resulting shapes depict objects from multiple viewpoints at once – for example, you can see a face from the front and from the side simultaneously.

We could allow ourselves to move effortless between genres: Picasso himself created paintings, collages, sculptures, plays, poems, stage designs, and so on. We could write a ‘word painting’, again, inspired by Picasso, who said, “You can write a painting in words as you can paint feelings in a poem”.

We could invent stories about the women in Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – who are they, and what are those expressions on their faces, and what is their relationship to one another? Working alongside our professional team, 20 young artists discovered ways to make songs, videos, theatre and other forms of art inspired by Picasso and this remarkable painting.

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Our 2013 Young Artists

Alexander Ling, Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos, Christina Tran, Cindy Ngo, Danica Tran, Ed Mitchell, Elaine Yip, Gabriela Laiyos, Hugh Smart, Jessie Du , Junior Lene, Kellie Cogin, Leo Lanzarone, Max Cullen, Rachel Gibbons, Sydney Anne Nicholas and Sylvia Jian.

What our young artists said about the project:

Junior: I’ve never done staging before. It feels awesome. I love the rolling paper and starfish choreography. And the maze is fun!

Cindy: I loved using the harmonica which I’ve never played before! And the choreography is so surprising. You never know what’s going to happen until later.

Bendeguz: I’ve been confronted with art out of my normal medium which is great and has given me an understanding of some art forms I want to focus on later, such as music.

Sylvia: I’m used to playing music from sheet music so making up music on the spot is new to me. And I love the maze!

Sydney: It was great to combine art genres that I am confident in with those I’m not confident in!

Christina: I like how we explore so many art forms!

Alex: Everything is going on and it’s all crazy and then there’s a moment when it all clicks in your head. I really like that moment!

Ed: It pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened my mind a bit more. I feel more confident with my skills. It’s a great program with lots of great people to work with. I totally recommend this program to anyone who wants to be creative.

Danica: It has been a new experience for me, I like the help and effort put into organising the project; also I love the lunches!

Hugh: People! music! learning!

Our 2013 Artology Remix team

Artistic Project Leader and Music Leader: Cathy Milliken
Music Leader: Lyle Chan
Visual Arts Leaders: Gabrielle Courtenay and Jackie Dunn
Poetry Leader: Johanna Featherstone
Choreography Leader: Rhys Martin
Videographer: Tanya Saint James

Please contact us for more details:-
Ph: 02 8007 2322 or contact us online

2013 Remix Schedule

Workshop 1: 16-25 April at 107 Projects Space, Redfern
Workshop 2: 1 – 13 July at Old Darlington School, Darlington
Performance: Art Gallery of NSW, 13 July 2013

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