Presented by Artology in partnership with Opera Queensland

Guided by Artology and Opera Queensland, a team of 28 talented teenagers and 8 professionals have reinvented Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s gothic novel into a daring new stage adventure, combining physical theatre, music, video and other art forms.

This thrilling tale of a monster and its creator searching for their humanity. A gripping an immortal story retold through today’s art-forms. The 40-minute work was performed at the Opera Q Studio on Saturday 4 October 2014.

See the YouTube Videos:

Performance 1.

Performance 1. Q and A session

Performance 2.

Performance 2. Q and A session

ABC 612 Radio interview.  Steve Austin spoke with Lyle Chan who is the Artistic Director of Artology, and students Holly Leeson, Jamee Nettos, and Danica McIntosh, who are apart of the project.

Hear the interview.

What our young artists said about the project:


Elle Brodie: I believe that this would be good for people to watch so that they understand the contemporary issues we talk about in the show are actual real life issues.

William Smith: We have created a work that has brought the essential themes of Mary Shelley’s classic book and made it understandable for today’s audiences.

Jianing Lu: I haven’t studied music or drama at school before and it has been a great chance for me to experience this art form.

Holly Leeson: I haven’t done anything like this before, it’s a once in a lifetime experience for anything of this caliber.

Jamee Nettos: Artology Remix has been a very fun and interesting experience. It has given me the opportunity to make new friends with the same interests. It has also taught me to view things in a deeper and more abstract way, which is so fantastic!

Annabelle Smith: Artology Remix was a truly amazing place where we could express our individuality through creativity in a friendly, supportive environment. The level of brilliance of being able to bounce off other people’s ideas to create a show is indescribable.

Caitlin Nass: To be able to retell the story of Frankenstein to fit with modern themes, events and problems made Artology Remix a challenging, yet exciting journey. Feeding off hundreds of ideas to create a show together made this a special production for me.

Read the Concert Program.

About the project

“The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine.”Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Artology Remix is a creative program that gives you exactly that opportunity.

Every year, Artology invites young people to attend a 2-part program over the school holidays. You will create a performance that reinterprets an existing masterpiece into a new work that blends theatre, music, video and other art forms. In 2013 we reinterpreted one of the 20th century’s greatest and most influential masterpieces – Picasso’s painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, or The Ladies of Avignon.

This year, Artology Remix turns its attention to one the most famous stories of all time: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the classic novel about a scientist who plays God and makes a living creature from body parts. And we’re thrilled to announce a new player joining us: Opera Queensland, known as OperaQ. Together, a group of young people like you and professional composers, singers, dancers, playwrights, poets, video artists, painters and others will make a new and radical performance piece using the ideas sparked by Frankenstein.

2014 Artology Remix Genre Leaders are:

Chris Kohn (Project Leader & Music)
Lyle Chan (Artistic Director & Music)
Darcy Grant (Project Leader & Physical Theatre)
Eleanor J Jackson (Poetry & Writing)
Ben Knapton (Video)
Freddy Komp (Video)
Cienda MacNamara (Drama Coach)
Rachael Edwards (Production Manager)

Young Artists 2014

Ailsa Traves, Alison Milner, Annabelle Smith, Caitlin Nass, Caroline McAllister, Charlotte Stevenson, Danica McIntosh, Dominique Roussetos, Elle Brodie, Ellie Harrison, Esmeralda Paric, Ewan Jinks, Holly Leeson, Jamee Nettos, Jessica Taylor, Jianing Lu, Johanna Rosenthal, Josie Dodson, Julia Waldmann, Kiki Townley, Lexie Barkus, Madeleine Short, Natalia Gulbransen-Diaz, Pace Proctor, Romany Hudson, Sarah Stallwood-Hall, Vidida Sontichai, William Smith

Artology Remix 2014 Schedule 

The workshops will take place in Brisbane during the school holidays in April and September 2014.

Workshop 1: 6-day workshop 7-12 April
Workshop 2: 10-day period 25 Sept-4 October
Public Performance:  2pm and 6pm, Saturday 4 October in Brisbane, Opera Q Studio

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