Listen to Billie’s original composition submitted with her entry.

Billie Clow [Age 18, NSW]

Composition: Fanfare of light and gold

Billie is currently completing a Bachelor of Music and Advanced Studies in Composition as a Sydney Scholar at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Having played with the Sydney Youth Orchestras since the age of 12, Billie has a strong passion for orchestral writing evident in her work through her idiomatic voicing and strong harmonic basis. Through experiences such as playing viola with the ‘Encounter’ orchestra at Sydney Festival in 2020 and performing in the orchestra at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2019 Billie developed her understanding of Australian Contemporary music and found inspiration as a young composer. At the moment, Billie seeks to continue to work on developing her compositional voice whilst studying at the Conservatorium.

Composition Inspiration

There was no inspiration behind my composition beside the need to create material that was attention grabbing. Once written the flamboyance of the piece within its Handelian framework was palpable. Thus inspired the title, Fanfare of Silver and Gold as a reflection of the shiny and artificial sound in which the work produces through its metallic dissonances and musical clichés. The work was developed into an ode to flamboyance, extravagance and Americanisation which now exists as a caricaturisation of our perpetual craving for the more, bigger and better.