Cordelia Olivia To (Age 20), Canberra ACT

Composition: Multiculturalistic Australia

Since the age of 8 I have vowed to become a barrister and film composer at the same time, this is steadfastly being realised as I embarked on my studies at the Australian National University as a Law and Music Double Degree student. What makes me special is my versatility in musical styles. Albeit classically trained, I am skilled in improvising and playing by ear. I play 10 Western and world instruments, and find joy in experimenting with the styles of not only classically symphonic, but also jazz, world, pop and film music – I call myself a true Egalitarian in my musical taste. I aspire to make this world a better place using the music that I create.

Composition Inspiration

I hope to use my Fanfare to celebrate multiculturalism in Australia. Full of momentum, my piece is a concoction of cultural musical elements, it juxtaposes in absolute harmony elements such as multi-metres, the African Hemiola, Chinese Pentatonic scale and the easily recognisable Scottish Snap. It is a fusion between cultures and albeit adopts a full Western orchestral form, it features the use of Chinese instruments such as the Harp and Lute. This attention-grabbing piece of music represents harmonious cultural integration and I look to use it in order to further promote the ideal of multiculturalism, which can provide momentum and a forward drive in bettering this nation of ours that we love dearly – Australia.