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Emma Watson [Age 18, NSW]

Composition: …and they emerged victorious

Emma Watson is a 19-year-old composer in her first year at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying a Bachelor of Music: Composition for Creative Industries. She has been passionate about music from a young age and has received classical training in violin from the age of 6, achieving her LMusA at the age of 14. Emma has gained extensive experience both as a solo and ensemble musician through her participation in eisteddfods, competitions, and school chamber groups. Despite being exposed to music mainly through violin playing, her interest in composition was sparked in her final year of high school. This was furthered as she devoted more time to writing music and exercising this creative outlet which led her to apply for a degree in composition. Emma seeks to explore a wide range of genres and continuously expand her musical ideas within a variety of creative contexts, particularly in film and song production.

Composition inspiration

I find that much of what I compose is naturally influenced by film music as it is these works that are often most inspiring and memorable to me. My work “…And They Emerged Victorious” draws inspiration from the music of fantasy/action films such as Star Wars, being one of my favourites. John Williams’ use of triplet figures in the main theme evokes an extremely heroic and grand atmosphere which is exactly what I wanted to create whilst composing this fanfare. The main melodic motif in my work features triplets which are passed through the woodwind and brass. Furthermore, the rhythmic ostinato in the percussion consists of triplets which not only complements the melodic material but provides momentum and drive throughout the piece. Overall, I wanted this work to captivate my audience by conjuring an image of success and triumph, a celebration of hard work and courage.