Listen to Franz’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Listen to Franz’s composition performed by the QYO Chamber Orchestra.

Franz Mir Antenor [Age 19, SA]

Composition: The Bright Start to Life

My name is Franz Antenor, I am 19 years old. I did not have a strong musical background. I started my musical interests in 2015 during my middle school. I started learning the Alto Saxophone and as a result that led to being a part of a middle school band in Northern Territory.

I continued to pursue music in high school, which directed me into discovering my passion and love for composition. I also decided to learn piano with the intention of improving and nurturing my compositional skills during my university degree. To nurture and develop my passion, I moved to Adelaide from Darwin. I am currently studying Second Year on Bachelor of Music in Composition in University of Adelaide.

The types of music I am interested in are Classical Music, Romantic Music especially with Frederic Chopin, Impressionist Music especially Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, and Japanese Music in general. The composition genres I am particularly interested to write for in the future are Serialism, Film Music, Game Music, Classical Contemporary, Opera, and Choral Music. Although I currently have no experience, I strongly believe in the future that I would be able to compose music for those genres.

Composition inspiration

The Bright Start to Life is a piece based on the last section of my recent piece for Brass Quintet. This Brass Quintet’s main inspiration is one of the Bach’s Chorale. In this fanfare Bach’s aspect was completely redacted. The beginning of the piece is the same, however, to accommodate the requirements for the Fanfare Competition, I had to modify the ending. From the original three minutes redacted to a much shorter duration, there were careful considerations to be made on which parts to retain.

The biggest challenge for this composition were the orchestration from Brass Quintet to Orchestra. Orchestrating from a Brass Quintet unfolds numerous possibilities of sounds. With the additions of woodwinds and strings, the sound becomes richer. In my initial composition, the ideas were built from continuous perfect fourths. These perfect fourths were from the opening interval of the Bach Chorale I based the original piece on. I originally intended the piece to have a strong introduction as to fulfill the essence of a fanfare, which is to gain attention.