Glenn Bussey (Age 19), Point Cook VIC

Composition: Allies

I began learning the piano when I was twelve years old. However, it was a year later when I began to listen to the music of Terry Scott Taylor that I started to actually become interested in music. I found that this music was generally more interesting than other mainstream pieces I had previously been exposed to. The catchy melodies in conjunction with the quirky and obscure accompaniment really grabbed my attention and inspired me to begin writing music. Today I am studying sound production at Victoria University and invest my spare time into setting up local youth FReeZA music events and composing for an array of musical genres. I am generally geared towards writing contemporary music such as dance, blues, metal and media. Recently I have also been learning how to compose on a classical basis but am still new to its ideas and techniques. This has been a challenging and worthwhile endeavour that further builds upon my composition abilities whilst still drawing upon my contemporary influences.