Listen to Jack’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Jack Brunialti-Sykes (Age 12, Vic)


Jack Brunialti-Sykes is a primary school student from Beaumaris, Victoria. He started learning piano in early 2019, and immediately loved it. Less than two months later, he gave his first live performance, playing the Imperial March from Star Wars.

A visit to an ACO concert for his ninth birthday sparked an interest in the orchestra and its many instruments. When COVID lockdown hit in 2020, he was able to continue his piano lessons online with his teacher, Daniel Mougerman.

Later that year he participated in the Eisteddfod by the Bay and won his category. In early 2021, he successfully auditioned for keyboards in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular Orchestra. Unfortunately, COVID lockdown cancelled the live performance. However, he successfully re-joined the orchestra in 2022.

A strong bond with his grandfather helps feed his love of classical music. This, and his interest in the orchestra has led to a passion for composition. Jack is currently preparing to sit his grade 7 AMEB exam later this year.

Composition Inspiration

The inspiration for my piece ‘Ritual’ came from Indigenous ceremonies I have witnessed at school, in Melbourne, and in Central Australia.

My ideas for the orchestration came from listening to performances of indigenous music with traditional instruments, as well as concerts with both indigenous and western instruments. For example, I used the castanets and bongos to resemble clap sticks, and lower woodwind trills as a Didgeridoo.

I wanted to evoke the natural landscapes and wildlife of Australia.