Jasper Tops [Age 13, NSW]

Composition: Taming the Dragon

Listen to Jasper’s composition performed by the Queensland Youth Chamber Orchestra, 30 September, Old Museum, Bowen Hills.

Listen to Jasper’s original composition submitted with his entry.

I have loved all sorts of music since I was born.  My mum would play songs from Eurovision and dad would play songs from Rage.  Mum took me to the Babies Proms shows at the Sydney Opera House.  When I was 3 I told my mum I wanted to play double bass.  As a compromise I started violin at 4.

In grade 1 I joined the Sydney Children’s Choir and have been singing and learning with them ever since.  At choir I found friends as into music as I was.  I also learned about a lot of great music and modern Australian composers.  I got to meet some of them too.  At primary school I was in all the music groups I could possibly join – school band (violin), recorder group, clarinet group, ukulele and choir.

I’ve always been making up songs but I have only started writing them down properly since I started at the Conservatorium High School.

Composition Inspiration

This is my first orchestral piece.  It was inspired by the music of fantasy computer role playing adventure games like Skyrim.  I started with the theme and then added layer after layer of harmony and rhythm to enrich the climactic ending.  I wanted to give the violas and violin II something more interesting to play then they might usually get.

The piece starts small but quickly takes you on an adventure.  I hope people will find it exciting and maybe they will imagine meeting their new dragon friend.