Listen to Kristopher’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Listen to Kristopher’s composition performed by the QYO Chamber Orchestra.

Kristopher Man [Age 16, SA]

Composition: Title Sequence

Kristopher Man is a 16-year-old music student at Marryatville High School through the Special Interest Music Program. He is currently in Year 12 and has participated in various school ensembles such as the Big Bands, Baroque Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir and School Orchestra. He has been studying under international concert pianist Gil Sullivan since the age of six. He also plays harpsichord and percussion.

As a pianist, Kristopher has won the 2018 Miriam Hyde Junior Award First Prize, the 2019 Reimann-Robinson Scholarship, and the 2021 Miriam Hyde Open Award Second Prize. He performed for the Recitals Australia Spring Series Lunch Hour Concerts in 2019 and 2020, winning third prize in the final of the latter series. Kristopher completed his ABRSM Grade 8 Piano with Distinction in 2019 and ARSM diploma with Merit in 2021. He also received the 2020 AMEB Theory of Music Grade 5 Prize for outstanding results. In the 2021 ABODA Jazz Festival, he was selected as percussionist for the “National All-Star Band”.

Kristopher is very passionate about music composition, and while rooted in classical and jazz he enjoys working across different styles and genres. One of his compositions has already been recorded by Marryatville High School’s Pops Vocal group.

Composition inspiration

I imagine this composition as the start screen music of my own video game when I play it for the very first time, hence the name.

My older brothers and I have a keen interest in Nintendo and Square Enix games. When growing up I was frequently exposed to the soundtracks, which have been a significant influence on my musical taste. The genius orchestration and arranging of Nobuo Uematsu for example, adds layers of depth and dramatic storytelling to the JRPG video game genre, and this forms the main inspiration for my 30-second fanfare.

Title Sequence, like many title themes, is the “overture” to the game. The opening brass blasts and timpani rolls signify the protagonist’s calling, and the trumpet “leitmotif” is introduced as he/she takes the challenge. The contrast between the marching snare drum rhythm and the floating strings reflects the similar contrasts of highs, lows, and in-between moments in the game’s plot. Tension is induced by the violins’ quick semiquaver bowing as the paths and fates of different characters intertwine on the battlefield. Finally, the trumpets belt triumphant C’s and the orchestra lands on a C major chord with the ethereal Lydian mode in the violins, as our protagonist emerges victorious.