Matthew Cornwell [Age 20, NSW]

Composition: Exaltation

Listen to Matthew’s composition performed by the Queensland Youth Chamber Orchestra, 30 September 2020, The Old Museum, Bowen Hills..

Listen to Matthew’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Matthew Cornwell is currently a 2nd year composition student studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Matthew is adept at piano having completed AMEB grade 8 piano for leisure in 2015. He also has experience playing in a large ensemble as he was the bass guitarist for the Hills Community Concert Band for 4 years. His interest in composition started after creating a composition for HSC music 2 in 2017, following this Matthew spent the latter half of 2018 practicing composition and auditioned for the Conservatorium at the end of 2018. Following his acceptance Matthew has regularly participated in composition competitions viewing them as an opportunity to further his compositional technique.

Composition Inspiration

To exalt someone means to shower them with praise and to elevate their status to king. My piece is intended to reflect the festivities surrounding this ceremony. Exaltation captures the excitement of a festival with quick brief melody fragments that dance around one another. The passing of melodic material between instruments reflects the dancing at the festival and the defined brass passage in the second half is intended to evoke the coronation. Musically the piece is intended to sound chaotic yet clear, the melodic lines clash with each other but can all clearly be heard. This piece was a lot of fun to make and I hope that is reflected in its performance.