Anna Cerneaz, Director, Graeme Wood Foundation

It’s with great Fanfare that I announce Philippa Horn is the new General Manager of Artology. Philippa has been Marketing and Operations Manager for Artology for over 3 years running projects such as WotOpera, Remix and Fanfare, and collaborated with our friends at ATYP, AYO, The Red Room, and many other. Philippa has previously held roles with New Music Network, Australian Music Centre, and many others. She has also worked with many arts and environmental groups in any way that’s needed. She get’s her hands dirty. I have worked with Philippa for over 15 years and loved every moment. She is considered, hard working, super clever, real and cuts right through to the essence of things. I’ve learned much from her. I am continuing to be to the Board of Artology with Graeme Wood and so remain very much involved. Over to you Philippa! What’s coming up?

Philippa Horn, General Manager, Artology

With a rush to the finish this year’s Fanfare Competition received over 100 entries from across Australia. We were so pleased with the submissions this year and the young artists have clearly put in much thought and effort into writing their compositions. The judge’s short list included more than 35 entries and chiselling this down to the final eight was obviously a difficult process. See final eight below.

This year we will be conducting an extra workshop for anyone who entered the competition to come along and talk to our composers Nicholas Vines and Lyle Chan about their compositions. We want everyone to enjoy the process even if you weren’t successful this year and to help gain experience for next year. This date will be announces soon. Enjoy!

Fanfare’s announced


The judges were delighted with the quality of the compositions submitted this year. They short-listed over 30 works for consideration at the panel meeting and following the set criteria and careful deliberation eight works were selected.

In no particular order the selected eight composers are:

Xiao-Xiao Kingham, Age 16 [VIC]
James Robert Littlewood, Age 21 [VIC]
Oscar Gill, Age 13, [NSW]
Chrysoulla Markoulli, Age 19 [NSW]
Marcus Kha, Age 14 [SA]
Oliver Max Benjamin Beard, Age 18 [NSW]
Callum O’Reilly, Age 19 [WA]
Renee Crump, Age 13 [VIC]

2016 ATYP Appeal


Many arts organisations including ATYP have received severe funding cuts to their programs over the past 12 months. Show your support for ATYP’s national programs as well as demonstrate your belief in the transformational benefits of youth theatre for all young Australians. Find out more…

Red Room Poetry Object


The Red Room Company have launched the 6th Red Room Poetry Object which closes in September 2016. Red Room Poetry Object is a poetry writing competition inviting young writers and their teachers from across Australia and New Zealand to submit poems about ‘talismanic’ objects that are special to them. It is open to students in grades 3-10 and their teachers. Find out how to enter…

Why we should sing more!


Singing is in our DNA. Human beings sang before they spoke. We should all sing more. If every child in Australia had an opportunity to learn music through singing my view is that we would see happier and more productive children. Read the article by Richard Gill on ABC Classic FM.

October 30, 2016
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