Yilan Yu (NSW); Age 13

Arrival of the Queen of Mars

I would like to thank you, the judges and the Artology organisation for awarding my piece in the Fanfare Competition. I am most appreciative of this opportunity to participate further in this wonderful project. I really did not expect to be a winner because this is the first time I have entered a composition competition. It started out as a simple melody that I developed and added to on my piano over the course of many days until it became a work that I took pride in.

It’s been such an awesomely exhilarating experience for me not to mention an extremely educating one. Listening to my fanfare played back (on video) makes me smile every time and feel very proud of what I achieved. Also, all the others fanfares are just so amazing … A real eye-opener to the artistic brilliance of young Australian composers.

Weiyun Yu (father to Yilan): It was a fantastic session at the recording studio yesterday and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Yilan couldn’t stop listening to all the pieces he recorded on the phone. Thank you and all the Artology staff for the wonderful realisation of the pieces. It’s all like a dream