Listen to Zoe’s original composition submitted with her entry.

Zoe Gougousidis [Age 19, NSW]

Composition: Imperial Flourish

Zoe Gougousidis is an Australian composer, euphonium player and trombonist currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, with background in both classical and jazz. Her involvement in music began in 2010 when she began learning the euphonium, and her passion and skills were developed through high school where she additionally learned the trombone and her interest in composition was established.

In her current studies at the Conservatorium, Zoe has composed for a multitude of ensembles and styles, including solos, homogenous small ensembles, jazz combos and brass bands. She is also undertaking studies in sound recording and has experience in live recording and mixing concerts for both small and large ensembles. She also is voluntarily undertaking additional studies in euphonium performance, as well as aiming to maintain her trombone skills. In addition to being a composer, Zoe is currently the first baritone player in Warringah Concert Brass, a competitive A Grade brass band based in Northern Sydney, as well as previously being the 1st trombonist in a number of big bands and jazz ensembles. She currently is a low brass tutor, aiming to give her students a passion for music and encouraging the learning of low brass instruments.

Composition Inspiration

As a composer there are times when you can write with no restrictions, however in a large proportion of the time there will be parameters – briefs that must be met, constraints that must be worked within. This is what composition is all about – being creative whilst working within constraints. This was an aim of my fanfare Imperial Flourish – to execute the parameters of a traditional fanfare whilst creating a creative and attention-grabbing work, developing the traditional aspects of a fanfare whilst still being connected to them. This was done by first figuring out some aspects of a traditional fanfare, such as a clear and consistent beat and an attention grabbing opening. These are incorporated in Imperial Flourish, but executed with a twist. The beat is clear and consistent, however that beat is 10/8, creating an uneven pulse. There is an attention grabbing opening, but it begins with pianissimo percussion. The title itself refers to the fact that fanfares traditionally were used for processions and announcements of importance, hence imperial, and the flourish, meaning sweeping gestures and to develop or grow successfully, referring to the twists used to build on the idea of a traditional fanfare.