Alexander Voltz (Age 16), Everton Park QLD

Composition: Awakening

I have always been surrounded by music: my father, a prominent musician; my mother, an amateur pianist. At the age of two I was presented with a piano, of which I continue to play today. I am also a violist, studying under Theo Kotzas and performing in the Third Queensland Youth Orchestra; and a baritone, singing in numerous school ensembles. From a compositional standpoint, I composed my first piece at the age of eleven – though prior to this I had created rough sketches on several occasions when my family had holidayed in our caravan. Today, I only try to further my musical education, particularly in the realm of composition. I have seen performances of my work by the Third Queensland Youth Orchestra and Brisbane Boys’ College. I hope that this opportunity given to me by Artology will only lead to greater accomplishments.

Composition Inspiration

Awakening is a thirty second work composed in response to Artology’s 2015 Fanfare Competition. It is scored for an orchestra and tells the story of one who has just awoken to a hectic day – perhaps it is biographical! The piece is one of my more experimental works, emphasising changes in both tonality and modulation. I am considering expanding Awakening into a larger composition; perhaps this will be a future project.