The Fanfares are broadcast in the foyers at the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2022.

Annika Ganesh: 30 April, Turn of the Screw; 17, 24 Sept, ASO
Bonnie Cook: 4 May, Turn of the Screw; 17, 26 Sept, ASO
Cassie Parke: 6 May, Turn of the Screw; 19, 27 Sept, ASO
Charlie Wells: 7 May, VOSS; 20, 28 Sept, ASO
Floyd Taylor: 2, 21, 29 Sept, ASO
Phillip Cullen: 14, 22 Sept, ASO
Raphael Luxton: 15, 23 Sept, ASO
Will Hartley-Keane: 16, 24 Sept, ASO


The fanfares are broadcast in the foyers at the new Rebel Theatre in Walsh Bay, Sydney as part of Australian Theatre for Young People‘s productions.

Charlie Wells: M.Rock (25 June – 17 July)

Raphael Luxton: A Clockwork Orange (19 Aug – 11 Sept)

Floyd Taylor: Past the Shallows (14 Oct – 6 Nov)


You can hear the fanfares broadcast throughout the year at concerts in Perth Concert Hall foyers.

May: Annika Ganesh (Age 12, SA)
June: Bonnie Cook (Age 20, WA)
July: Cassie Parke (Age 21, NSW)
August: Charlie Wells (Age 16, SA)
Sept: Floyd Taylor (Age 15, Tas)
Oct: Phillip Cullen (Age 20, NSW)
Nov: Raphael Luxton (Age 19, WA)
Dec: Will Hartley-Keane (Age 16, Vic)


You can hear the fanfares broadcast throughout the year in the concert hall foyer at QPAC.

10-Sep QSO: Maestro 8 – Piano Power (7.30pm)
Annika Ganesh (Age 12, SA) Unum

14-Oct QSO: Maestro 9 – Beethoven (11.30am)
Bonnie Cook (Age 20, WA) Everlasting

15-Oct QSO: Maestro 9 – Beethoven (1.30pm)
Cassie Parke (Age 21, NSW) Flare

15-Oct QSO: Maestro 9 – Beethoven (7.30pm)
Charlie Wells (Age 16, SA) The Joy of the Night

23-Oct QSO: Music on Sunday
Floyd Taylor (Age 15, Tas) Arrival

29-Oct QSO: Musical Theatre Gala
Phillip Cullen (Age 20, NSW) Anticipation

19-Nov QSO 2022: Maestro 10 – Mighty Rachmaninov
Raphael Luxton (Age 19, WA) It’s now or never

26-Nov QSO: Messiah
Will Hartley-Keane (Age 16, Vic) …towards a fanfare-ish ending


Listen out for the fanfares broadcast throughout the year at Theatre North at the Princess in Launceston, Tasmania.

Floyd Taylor: Leonard’s Beautiful Pictures, 27 Apr, 7pm

Raphael Luxton: Stardust + The Mission The Space Co, 02 Jun, 7:30pm

Will Hartley-Keane: The Little Mermaid, Vic State Ballet, 24 Jun, 7:30pm

Cassie Parke: Bach Concertos, Van Diemen’s Band, 28 Jun, 6pm

Annika Ganesh: The Australian Ballet, 27 Jul, 7:30pm

Bonnie Cook: Jane Eyre, shake + stir theatre, 30 Jul, 7:30pm

Phillip Cullen: Swan Lake, Royal Czech Ballet, 04 Sep, 2pm

Charlie Wells: The Barber of Seville, Opera Australia, 10 Sep, 1:30pm & 7:30pm



Artology in partnership with the Sydney Youth Orchestras (6 November), Queensland Youth Orchestras (27 August) and Adelaide Youth Orchestras (24 September) join to extend the opportunities for Fanfare entrants. Participates are selected to have their Fanfares workshopped and performed at a concert or recording session. Bookings information will be available soon.


Each year we select fanfare participants for our sound program.

In 2022 Natalie Wihandono has been selected to create a sound design for an upcoming Australian Theatre for Youth People production.  Natalie will be mentored by Chrysoulla Markoulla to create the sound design for The Shack which runs 21 – 27 November at the Rebel Theatre.

The winner for the Syrinscape mentorship is Owen Bloomfield.  Owen will be mentored by the director Benjamin Loomes to create a new soundscape for the tabletop gaming app which will be available for download later in 2022.


Artology’s music programs select young composers to participate in two workshop days to refine their compositions with mentor composers Nicholas Vines, Lyle Chan, Chrysoulla Markoulli and Jessica Wells before attending a recording session with the Australian Youth Orchestra or a concert event with either the Adelaide, Queensland or Sydney Youth Orchestras.
Workshop 1:  30 July 2022, AIM
Workshop 2: 20 August 2022, AIM
Recording Session AYO: Saturday 10 September 2022 (Trackdown Studios)
Concert 1 QYOs: Saturday 27 August 2022, 3.45pm (Old Museum, Bowen Hills)
Concert 2 SYOs: Sunday 6 November 2022, 2pm (Registrar-General’s Building, Sydney)
Concert 3 AdYOs: Saturday 24 September 2022, 2pm (Elder Hall, Adelaide)


National short film competition for films 2 to 5 minutes. Cash prizes and awards offered in Junior & Open Categories. Judges are Rocco Fazzari, Nell Greenwood, Leta Keens, Justin Kurzel, Leah Purcell, Bain Stewart.

Entries for the 2023 festival open 2 November 2022 and closing 17 April 2023. A special screening event will be held Spring Bay Mill in Tasmania on Friday 26 May 2023.

Find out more about the winning films, here.