Hannah Hunt [Age 19, Vic]

Composition: Star Celebration

Listen to Hannah’s composition performed by the Queensland Youth Chamber Orchestra, 30 September 2020, The Old Museum, Bowen Hills.

Listen to Hannah’s original composition submitted with her entry.

Hannah has lived in a small country town, Winchelsea, for most of her life. Starting music in her first year of high school, she quickly found a love for writing music and playing instruments. Throughout her years of high school she has arranged many pieces for the school bands and ensembles, her favourite ensemble being the BHS Double Reeds. In 2017 she was a finalist in the Fanfare competition in Sydney. She now attends Monash University studying performance on bassoon, her primary instrument and hopes to one day be either a music teacher or to play in an orchestra full time.

Composition Inspiration

My inspiration has come from a range of different works, most notably Celebration by Randall D Standridge. I had played this piece in my senior band back in high school, and the upbeat melody and syncopated rhythms created the celebratory feeling that I tried to then create in my own fanfare.