Listen to Isaiah’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Isaiah Galloway (Age 16, NSW)

FANFARE: Going Places

My name is Isaiah Galloway and I am a 16 year old guitarist, singer and songwriter. I have been involved with music my whole life. I have been singing since the age of 7 and have played guitar from the age of 9. I’m a regular performer around my area, playing at small gigs in my home town of Lennox Head, performances held at my school, and more recently larger events such as wedding celebrations. Performing is one of my favourite parts of music. I love the feeling of being able to share what I can do with others. I haven’t had much experience orchestrating or composing music for an orchestra, which is why I am really excited and looking forward to the workshops being held with the Artology program, and embracing a whole new experience. Having not known much about orchestrating or orchestral compositions, I believe it will be an incredible experience and opportunity for me to learn from the mentors about an aspect of music that I’m not familiar with, whilst doing the thing that I love. I’m very much looking forward to meeting and working with everyone.

Composition Inspiration

My composition was submitted to the program by my school music teacher. Part of my year 11 term 2 music assessment task was to compose a fanfare for the competition. While composing, I tried to recall what we studied regarding fanfares so that I could write a fanfare that would provide an opportunity of being chosen in the Artology program. I tried to imagine what I would want to hear from a fanfare which led to recurring thoughts of theatre production intermissions. I imagined what I’d want to hear if I could compose a piece for an orchestra to play and gain the attention of a theatre audience, in preparation for a new act. This led me to focus on the use of motifs, which is a clear aspect of my composition. Throughout the composition process I also aimed to create a piece of music that could be used in other instances, not only a theatre production intermission. After completing it, I reviewed it several times and refined it to narrow it down to fit the criteria, and overall, I believe I achieved this.