Listen to Tim’s original composition submitted with his entry.

Tim Doubinski (Age 18, NSW) 

TO COUNTRY: The Tangerine Gradients of East

Tim Doubinski is a composer based in Northern Sydney currently studying Composition for the Creative Industries at the Sydney Conservatorium. Tim comes from a diverse musical background, starting off as a rock guitarist in his early teens before taking an interest in composition at 13 years old. His initial endeavours consisted of rescoring scenes from his favourite films in his DAW along with small commercial projects such as podcasts and audiobooks. Since then, Tim has worked on a large number of short films and TV shows, collaborating with creatives all over Australia, Europe, and the United States. Through late high school, he studied orchestration and composition for film & TV with the Berklee College of Music. He is actively working on a number of projects ranging from film to theatre as a composer and arranger. Tim also continues to play guitar as part of various jazz orchestras and his own groups which perform his compositions.

Composition Inspiration:

The Tangerine Gradients of East is a brief musical vignette illustrating the richness of an Australian sunrise, and importantly, the great significance it possesses to Indigenous individuals. Sunrise marks the start of a new day and is humanity’s most reliable alarm clock to herald in our routines and experiences. This valuable process with its recurrence presents itself as a marker for various beginnings and ends, especially to indigenous people, and this work attempts to holistically capture the texture of beginning and end within the sunrise. The deep oranges on the horizon, racing clouds, rising temperatures, calls from birds and various other animals are communicated through the diverse palette of an orchestra in a flurry of musical colour before a gentle release into various birdsong and the resolution of morning.