Announcing the 2022 Fanfare and To Country Participants

Congratulations to everyone who entered Artology’s 2022 music programs!

We received over 100 entries nation-wide across two programs: Fanfare; and our new exciting program To Country, that invited musical compositions to acknowledge country and recognise the land, place and history of our Indigenous people.

The judges were extremely impressed by the standard of compositions submitted and had a challenging time narrowing down the finalists. The quality and standard of submissions this year shows the future of contemporary music is in safe hands. In no particular order the following composers have been selected to participate:

Australian Youth Orchestra

Recording Session: Saturday 10 September 2022, 9am-5pm, Trackdown Studios, Sydney

Joonwoo Kim (Age 17, WA) The Night Parade
Jake Cheong (Age 21, NSW) Into the universe
Owen Bloomfield (Age 20, NSW) Fanfare to the Formidable
Benjamin Raymond (Age 18, Tas) Universal Galaxies
Olivia Bryant (Age 18, NSW) Embolden (to have courage)
Timothy Jayatilaka (Age 19, NSW) Fanfare for the daily grind
Natalie Wihandono (Age 21, NSW) Carnival
Taylee Jurekie-Rofe (Age 15, Qld) Fanfaronade

Queensland Youth Orchestras

Concert: Saturday 27 August 2022, 3.45-4.30pm, Old Museum, Bowen Hills, Brisbane 

Fanfare Competition
Nathan Shan (Age 17, Qld) Skyward Suite: Voyager Fanfare
Nicholas Hargreaves (Age 18, Qld) Fanfare of the Bells
Brian Walsh (Age 14, Qld) Calling
Mitchell Mayman (Age 12, Qld) Fanfare for a promise of spaceflight
Isaiah Galloway (Age 16, NSW) Fanfare
Athena Zhang (Age 14, Vic/USA) Awakening

To Country Program 

Jonathan Platz (Age 14, Qld) Coming of the Rains
Tanya Jones (Age 22, Qld) To Speak of Life
Benjamin Raymond (Age 18, Tas) The Leaves of Our Ancestors
Hayden Taylor (Age 18, Vic) Labyrinthine Waterways
Neeharika Shyju (Age 15, Vic) Respect the Land
Timothy Jayatilaka (Age 18, NSW) A Lasting Welcome

Adelaide Youth Orchestras

Concert: Saturday 24 September 2022, 2pm, Elder Hall, Adelaide

Fanfare Competition
James Trevor (Age 16, WA) Celebration Fanfare
Amy Skellern (Age 17, WA) Fanfare Villainous
Lachlan Smith (Age 17, WA) To Your Seats
Noah West (Age 17, WA) Out with a bang
Marcel Howell (Age 16, WA) Beginner’s fanfare
Johnny Turner (Age 16, SA) Fanfare in G

To Country Program 
Sophie McLaren (Age 14, Vic) Dawn
Jasmine Lai (Age 16, Vic) Wilderness
Huangkai Lai (Age 22, Vic) 100%
Lauren McCormick (Age 22, SA) Touch of earth
Jack Brunialti-Sykes (Age 12, Vic) Ritual
Jussi Jenssen (Age 22, NSW) Evening Song

 Sydney Youth Orchestras

Concert: Sunday 6 November 2022, 2pm, Registrar-General’s Building, Sydney

Fanfare Competition

Paul Nicolau (Age 18, NSW) Oriental Overture
Mitchell Brown (Age 21, NSW) Fanfare in Eb
Annabel Wouters (Age 14, NSW) With Bated Breath
Ted Krabman (Age 19, NSW) Suspense Fanfare
Olivia Diamant (Age 17, NSW) As the page turns
Adriel Sukumar (Age 18, NSW) First Light

To Country Program

Olivia Bryant (Age 18, NSW) Alive
Andrew Dharma (Age 13, NSW) Our Homeland
Jasper Tops (Age 15, NSW) Country of Birds
Abhinav Ananth (Age 15, NSW) The Corroboree at Dawn
Tim Doubinski (Age 18, NSW) The Tangerine Gradients of East
Henry Hall (Age 15, NSW) Primitive Atarax

The judges this year were Nicholas Vines, Lyle Chan, Chrysoulla Markoulli (Fanfare Mentor Composers); Colin Cornish, Eliza McCracken (Australian Youth Orchestra); Jack de la Lande (Adelaide Youth Orchestras) and Simon Hewitt (Queensland Youth Orchestras).

We wish to congratulate a number of composers who also ranked very highly.

Highly Commended:

Guo Ru, Matthew Young, Ailis Dwyer, James Eivers, Thomas Coombes, Miranda Kilby, Lana Magyar, Damien Gauci, Archie Tulk, Elliot Leahy, Damien Gauci, Archie Tulk, Elliot Leahy, Thomas Coombes, Miranda Kilby, Lana Magyar, Sophie Nham, Suncy Zhi, Joe Roper, Declan Eshman, Suncy Zhi, Joe Roper, Declan Eshman, Ubonwan (Lily) Hewlett, Max Graham, Raphael Howse, Daniel Hurst, Louis Turner, William Baker, Landon Broadley, Akesa Hamlin, Alexander Maltas, Derek Wu, Jed Atienza, Lucas Choi.

Keep creative everyone!

Artology Team

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